Clandestine: Enter The Eagle (Choreography Teaser)

Posted by ChristianTraeumer
**PLEASE HELP SUPPORT OUR NEXT PROJECT AT KICKSTARTER.COM!!!** Welcome to the Eagle. We've described the Eagle clan as cunning, tactical, and unmatched in strategy. They see all. Uncontrollable emotions and weak minded individuals are their playground, as they can manipulate the minds of any enemy that isn't mentally stable. It's time to see how these abilities translate in battle, and how this clan has carved its place among the elites. One of the Eagle's most intelligent clansmen, Baruti (Brendon Huor) has ventured off into the city and garnered unwanted attention from many a crime faction. When they all place a hit on him, they underestimate how dangerous he can be. Their assassins quickly realize that while their death-dealing skills are unmatched in the world they know, they simply become toys when they enter an Eagle warrior's playground.
Posted March 12, 2013
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