Clandestine: Enter The Lion (Conceptual Teaser)

Posted by ChristianTraeumer **Music By Andrew Prahlow - Rise From The Depths** Thank you everyone for your donations to the Kickstarter Campaign!!! We are very excited to start working on the new pilots for our original series "Clandestine" Now, as a thank you -- (and while you wait for production to begin so we can update with more content) we have already put together a little taste of the world of Clandestine, as seen through the eyes of the Lion Clan. Enjoy! Adelene, a young woman who is the newly ordained Matriarch to the Lion Clan, learns the extent of her new abilities as Radburn, second in command of the Lion, watches over, concerned about the future of his family. On one hand, Radburn is tasked to instruct Adelene so she can rise to her true potential, on the other, the clans are now in a state of turmoil and allowing Adelene (an inexperienced girl) to lead them, may put him and his family in danger. Does he trust in the spirt of the Lion Clan and let Adelene fall into her chosen role ? Or does he put his own family's safety first by seeing if Adelene can survive his deadly trials? The fate of the Lion Clan rest with his decision. Clandestine: Follow the path
Posted March 12, 2013
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