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Clandestine: First Two Episodes Trailer

Posted by ChristianTraeumer Enter the world of Clandestine. Hidden within the recesses of modern society, lives four ancient supernatural clans who have been feuding since the beginning of time. Adelene, a young girl who knew nothing of the war between the clans, is suddenly thrown in the thick of it when it's prophesied that she is the next matriarchal successor to the one of the Families. Adelene begins her journey to learn all of what mankind has forgotten as she struggles to become the clans new "Matriarch". The secrets of what life was like "before", the decisions that risk countless lives, and the constant struggle to keep the clan united, are just a few of the dangerous trials she must now face... and survival is not guaranteed. A martial arts action epic with political intrigue, love, and unforgettable supernatural action. Epic Rival presents: Clandestine Music Composed By Andrew Prahlow We must admit, after the long road traveled with it's various ups and downs, we are all really proud and ecstatic that we finally get to share this trailer with you. Thank you, to all the fans again who helped in bringing this project one step closer to reality! We couldn't have made it this far without you and we look forward to your continued support --- we would be nothing without you guys! The Writers and Directors behind Thousand Pounds Action Company have come together as a development and production unit to create high-concept story with actionable deliverables. Epic Rival's purpose is to bring engaging storytelling and a unique eye to the fantasy/action genre. Our name stands as a challenge to all of the dichotomies we've seen in modern media. Flash versus Substance. Originality versus Marketability. We are here to stand as a rival to mediocrity, to use our creative story-telling and adrenaline pumping action to show people worlds and stories they've never imagined. About Ayzenberg Group Founded in 1993 and now one of the ten largest privately held creative firms on the West Coast, Ayzenberg is a full-service advertising agency with a distinctly social and agile approach. We're all about creating and sharing brand stories--in a real-time, always-on, multi-screen way. We have advertising, social media, digital, original content, media planning and implementation, analytics and more under one roof, working as one. From videogame to beverage and consumer electronic brands, our clients value how we target, convert and generate traction with today's connected 'Gen Now' consumers. Current clients include Activision, EA, Microsoft, Red Bull, Sony, Mattel, Yahoo!, Disney, and Warner Bros. For more information, please visit Founded by Ayzenberg Group in 2013, [ion] is an ever-growing network of YouTubers, Bloggers, and social media trendsetters who are partnered together with brands to deliver original content directly to millions of consumers. Participating influencers spread across industries from gaming and technology to fashion and music.
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