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    Back on set bright and early tomorrow morning, 6am - the (not so) glamorous life of an actor!
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    All the characters are so dumb you don't to care if they survive. I used to like Daryl now I don’t care if he gets an arrow through his eye.Carol used to be boring then interesting now she is just wasted and where are Michione and Carl and even Nega
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    Yea Shay it is still cool without the VR, but if you get a chance to play with the VR you will want one for sure.Shay Cormac said: I don't have VR but like you said even without the game is awesome but I can imagine with VR man I want to try it.
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    I am wondering what those of you who are watching Young Sheldon think so far? I never thought this show would work. My take early on is the show is terrible, this child actor just can’t pull it off, and I hate being critical of child actors but this...  more
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