The Art of Survival Ch. 4-5

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    Chapter 4: The Horde

    Danny had just about finished briefing everyone about the upcoming mission. Danny pointed out all the little details that would be needed for the BEAST to complete its first successful mission. Danny spoke to the engineers and ask them what weapons are not ready and what is ready to be used at the moment. They responded by telling him, "There are missiles on, different machine guns of different calibers on the sides, smoke screen launchers, and decoy beacons. The missiles are used for large hordes and could take out as many as 40 of them at a time with a precise hit. The machine guns on the sides are a good way of cutting down a small blockade of the infected. Probably like 10 to 20 of them. The smokescreen could be used to blind any incoming or hostile fire." Danny looked worried. "Are we expecting some trouble on this mission?" Danny asked. "No! Not. By the sight of this thing, I'd be scared if even had a weapon on me." The engineer said. Danny was reassured. "With that being said, the last feature on the BEAST is a multi computing system. The BEAST is capable of targeting for itself and also defending itself. Everyone smiled and began prepping the BEAST for action. Fully loading the entire weapon system and its high tech onboard computing systems. "Danny, it's ready to rock n' roll bro." The engineer said. "All right boys, go get geared up. We're moving out in 20." Danny responded.

    Aiden ran up behind Danny as they started to board the beast. "Can I come with you bubba? I promise I won't touch anything." Aiden said. "Well if you're not going to do anything, what's the point then?" Danny responded. They both smiled and boarded The BEAST. About three hours later they arrived at the attack zone. They radioed over to the backup assault team, "Bravo, Uniform, Alpha. This is metal 01. We've arrived on-site and ready for attack. What's your current status? Over." "Metal 01 this is Bravo, Uniform, Alpha, the current status is as follows: Ammo 100%, Personnel 100%, Weapons 100%, Casualties 0, civilians/unknowns in the area not spotted. Mission site all clear and ready to attack Metal 01." Danny told everyone that the horde should be in place in about 20 minutes and that they should keep their eyes open. The scouts scan the area and called to Danny, "The horde is inbound, I repeat the horde is inbound!" Danny started the BEAST and loaded the 150 mm, Cannon, a loud metallic click followed and then BOOM! The shell left the barrel and sped towards the horde. Everyone watched as the high-explosive shell sped through the air and into the massive infected crowd. A soot-covered crater was left as the zombies began to recoup from being throw about from the concussion blast. The muzzle flash from the cannon alerted the horde and they began changing corse running and stumbling over one another to attack the vehicle. "Don't waste ammo use your skills and aim for the heads. Aiden, you and Paxton watch our six." Danny yelled. Paxton was Aidan's best friend. Paxton is a quiet kid. He rarely says anything unless it's necessary. He's kind of like Ferb. Since they met, they never go anywhere without each other.

    The horde changed its course towards the BEAST and began moving quickly 3 jumpers leaped at the vehicle and landed on top of the 50 cal machine gun. The gun's sensor targeted the jumper and fired twice. "Woah, hopefully, we got some good cleaner when we get back to base." Danny laughed. The horde began surrounding the BEAST. Danny activated the security pellets. The BEAST was lined with a tough outer shell. The shell was hexagonal and had small little explosive packs on the side of it. This was in case the vehicle was surrounded it can disperse those little pellets using the explosive packs and detain if not eliminate all surrounding threat. Danny open top hatch and finish the remaining infected with a SCAR-H. "Hell yeah! Metal 01, I think the BEAST passed basic training!" The scouts said cheering. "Alright, everyone regroup in New Orleans and rendezvous at Lee Circle," Danny said. The sun began to set, and the night began to settle in. "Danny this is Bravo, Uniform, Alpha. We've reached the rally point with the scouts. What's your ETA?" They asked. "Copy that Bravo, Uniform, Alpha. The BEAST's ETA is 5 minutes." Danny responded. The scouts decided to take overwatch and climb a fire escape to the top of a building. Just as they could see over the edge, they dropped to the floor and radioed over to Danny, " Danny! This scout team one. A group of BanShees is headed for the rally point. Their approaching us and should be on our tail in 2 minutes." "Copy that Bravo, Uniform, Alpha. We're at the rally point and ready for EVAC." Danny responded. The scouts quickly slid down the fire escape and into the vehicles. Just as they began to pull off the team of BanShees showed up. The BanShees are a private militia that wanted the military base that Danny's Community currently occupied. Danny and his brothers were given numerous and generous offers to leave and relocate their community. But Danny refused. They were there first and Danny swore to protect the base with everything he could. Ever since the banshees have harassed them and tried to take the base by force.

    "Well well, look who it is. Danny, you look lost." Samwise laughed. "Nahhh...." Danny responded confidently, "we're just passing through." Aiden looked at Danny scared, but Danny knew things would be okay. "Look, Danny, you got three minutes to hand over everything you got or stuff's going to get hot." Samwise threatened. Danny hopped back in the BEAST and turned on its spotlight. He activated the 150 mm Cannon and the surface missiles and locked onto their vehicles. "I think you would want to be a little bit nicer. My brother Aiden and I don't take too kindly to threats. And Paxton here, haha, let's just say his accuracy is through the roof." Danny said smiling. Samwise backed down scared out of his wits. Danny got back in the BEAST and drove off with the scouts and backup team Alpha 01. As they were driving off the BanShees fired into the back of the beast. Aiden reacted and fired the 150mm Cannon in the BanShees' direction. They ducked and got in their vehicles and drove away.

    Chapter 5: Attack On Odin

    Back on base, Jaxon and Jacob, we're helping the engineers with 2 new trailer designs for the BEAST. One was a passenger trailer attachment. It is designed for recon and rescue missions. It holds up to 85 passengers and is equipped it with a decontamination room, clothing disposal area, and clothing issue area so the passengers have maximum comfortability. The passenger trailer also has a few amenities to make some of the long rides a little bit more enjoyable such as a game room a small sleeping area a bathroom and a weapons cache. The weapons area is a room design for people 16+ to use the three secondary defense weapons placed at the rear of the trailer. The M240B, MK208, and the L60 Bofors 40 mm Cannon. Because ammo is a valuable resource, each person is allowed 30 rounds of 7.62, ten 30mm shells, and 5 MK208 incendiary rounds. Not only does this allow added protection to the vehicle itself and the passengers, but it also makes for some early marksmanship training to have more people to help protect the community.

    For some reason, Danny wants the second trailer's designs to be classified until he approves it himself. He doesn't want to advertise something that he may not fully approve of.
    Danny and the others finally arrived back to the base and parked the BEAST at the motor pool. "Okay. We need to rename this thing. Any suggestions?" Danny asked. Everyone bombarded him with names until Paxton raised his hand. Danny answered him, "What's up little buddy?" Paxton said, "What about Dragula? I know you all know that song by Rob Zombie, 'Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches and slam in the back of my Dragula.'" He sang. Everyone looked so surprised knowing Paxton was a quiet kid. "All in favor..."Aiden said. Everyone raised their hand. "Looks like we found our name," Danny added. Suddenly, the base's alert system sounded off. Blaring in everyone's ears. Danny and the others ran outside to see everyone moving to the safe room. "What the hell is going on?" Danny said confused and startled. "Danny, isn't this one of our safety drills?" One of the boys asked. "No buddy, but get to the safe room and make sure you have all your friends. Okay?" Danny said. The boy went off to the room to make sure his friends were there and okay. Danny and the others took guard at the North, South, East, and West entrances. The Scouts went for the North entrance. "November, Sierra, Echo, Whiskey entrances, this is WatchTower. Banshee squads of 20 personnel or less moving in at all entrances! They are armed and hostile open fire when ready!" The WatchTower operator said. The 50 cal sniper had begun to Target the driver's first. The rounds cracked through the air as they sped down and flew through the vehicle's windows. "WatchTower this is Sierra Gate. Banshees have missile trucks inbound! Requesting SSM support." One of the guardsmen said. The launchers moved quickly and locked on to the banshees' missile trucks. It launched two AGM-65 Maverick missiles at the BanShees' missile trucks and they all went up in massive flames. " Sierra Gate all clear WatchTower!" The guardsmen said. "WatchTower this is November Gate. We're requesting Avenger support." The watchtower operator acknowledged their request and began to spin up the Avenger. 30mm shells tormented the area around the banshees destroying their vehicles and everything in its path. "November gate clear. All BanShees eliminated. Over." Watchtower said. "WatchTower this is Echo Gate. MK208 Gunner down. We need medevac!" The last guardsmen began rapidly firing at the remaining vehicles bombarding them with explosive rounds from the MK208. A guy named David ran over and begun taking care of the down gunner. "Watchtower this is Aiden. Is Echo gate clear?" Aiden asked. He heard nothing but static for whats seemed liked hours. About 5 minutes passed and Aiden started to cry, assuming the worst. "Echo Gate cleared Aiden. Danny and the others are okay." WatchTower operator responded finally.

    All that was left was the Whiskey Gate entrance. "Whiskey gate, this is WatchTower. Sitrep!" The watchtower operator said. "WatchTower, this is Whiskey Gate reporting current status: Personnel at 100%, ammo 8%!" the guardsmen said loudly. The watchtower called Danny to provide support. Seconds later the Dragula rolled up and the 150mm cannon rotated. "Jacob said over the intercom, "Open the gate!" the watchtower operator rolled the gate open and the BanShees Stormed inward. They slammed their brakes as they rolled up on the Dragula and stared down its barrel. Jacob fired the cannon and shrapnel flew everywhere. Jacob activated the secondary defense turrets and began letting rounds loose on the remaining BanShees! "Hell yeah, Jacob! Hell yeah!" Danny Cheered on his brother. Jacob was going to fire another round as the smoke cleared, but Danny screamed, "Cease fire!" Through the smoke, you could see Samwise, curled up in the fetal position. He looked up and sprung to his feet. "Please don't! Please!" He pleaded. An automatic sentry sniper cracked a bullet through the air. "Oh... dang... Forgot to turn that off." The watchtower operator chuckled. Danny looked around and saw the remaining damage left from the attack. All he could do was fill with rage. Danny began to plot an attack on the BanShees' home base. Aiden could see the rage in Danny's straight face as he tried to hide his anger. Aiden ran across the field and hug Danny. Caught off guard, Danny caught Aiden and out of reflex, he hugged Aiden back. "Bubba, calm down. It's okay. He's gone for good now." Aiden reassured him. Danny suddenly felt less raged. He began to cry and think about his brothers and how far they have come due to each other.

    "Aiden, I need you to schedule a meeting for priority only. We don't need everyone's decision on this one. Once it's been decided that's it. Put on the access list: Jacob, Jaxon, yourself, Wyatt, and Paxton. I think this is important for you guys to know and for you guys to have an opinion in this. Schedule it for 3 days from now." Danny wanted to discuss his plans with the others before he acted. He wanted to be sure that he was making the right decision. A young boy ran up to Danny and looked very upset he was hiding under a vehicle in the motor pool during the firefight with the BanShees. Danny pick the kid up and ask him, "Hey buddy what's wrong?" The boy responded with an adorable six-year-old voice, "I don't know where my friends are!" Danny told him it was all going to be okay and called to the watchtower and told them to flash the all-clear signal. About five minutes later another boy ran up to Danny saying, "I had all my friends except one." He frowned and Danny said who, "The boy said, Thompson." Danny said, "Don't be upset bud. Guess what." He surprised the boy and said, "Here he is!" The boy gasped as he filled with relief after seeing his friend.

                                                      To Be Continued.



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