To Cameron With Love

  • To Cameron with love, I was stuck after just those four words so how was I going to send a full letter? Let me back up it was 4 Months before while at a shopping mall in the Los Angeles are I spotted a cute guy with a face full of freckles walking with a shopping bag from a quick shopping trip.

    I instantly recognized that it was Cameron Boyce who plays Luke on Disney’s Jessie, how could I not I have never missed a show and I am one of Cameron Boyce biggest fans. My heart pounded and I began to sweat as I looked around and saw that he was alone and shockingly no other teens were in the area so he was not spotted by anyone else. I froze in place, he saw me and a faint smile came across his lips as he recognized my discomfort.

    I willed my feet to move and mouth to speak as I stepped towards him and said “HI are you Cameron Boyce” I watch your show all the time I am a big fan. He said, “Oh thanks for watching it is fans like you that I really enjoy what I am doing,” Hey” he said “I have sometime would you like to go for a shake in the patio”?

    I could not believe what I was hearing and I almost mumbled the words as I accepted his invitation and went shaking with excitement as he ordered two shakes and we went to sit down.

    To be continued..........................


                                                                                       Chapter 1

    I was asking with excitement and was sure that I must be dreaming but I was not I was here having a milk shale with Cameron Boyce of Jessie fame and nobody around us seem to notice. “Thanks” I nervously said as he sat the shake down in front of me. “So, what is your fav episode of Jessie do you have one”, he said. “Well I really liked the episode when you guys combined with the cast of Good Luck Charlie” I managed to get out nervously. He seemed to sense my nervousness and laughed a little and told me how much fun they had doing that episode and how much fun the cast of both shows had.

    I sipped nervously at the shake through my straw looking for something to talk about but I simply couldn’t find the words. “So do you live here in L.A” Cameron said. "No I am on vacation here with my family and we are going back to Portland, Oregon in two days." We spend the best part of the next forty-five minutes talking about the movies he had made and about the rest of the cast of Jessie laughing as I had relaxed quite a bit as he really made me felt at ease with his friendly and outgoing manner.

    He finally said to me that he will have to be leaving but he really had fun as it was a relief to spend some time quietly without a lot of fans noticing and coming for photos and autographs. I wondered if this meant he liked me or was he speaking in general, I felt anger deep inside that I will soon have to leave and a voice in my head kept telling me ask him for his private email or cell, another more sensible voice said to me look do you seriously think he is going to give that 411 to you girl. Lol, you are so silly just enjoy this great luck you just had he will never see you or think of you after he leaves here.

    I can’t let this opportunity pass me by, he seemed to have a really genuine time relaxing here in the almost an hour we spent together. I tried to convince myself, that just because he is a famous teen star that doesn’t mean he can’t have a girlfriend that is just your ordinary everyday girl.

    He is about to leave I have to decide now or never and say the words, but wil I make a fool of myself?...............MORE TO COME.

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