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  • Posted February 7, 2021
    Checking IMDB I see "John and the Hole" has some reviews so people have seen it but I don't see any info on where is it streaming or something I can't find any info there.

    I like Charlie Showell in "Eli" and, Captain Fantastic" and "Troop Zero" so I am anxious to see this where he is a psycho like that other cutie Jared Breeze in "The Boy" I guess he holds his family hostage in a hole in the ground, how disturbing.
  • Posted February 7, 2021
    Charlie Shotwell is awesome I loved Troop Zero and Eli also and can't wait to see John and the Hole, I wonder if it will stream or go to the movies.
  • Posted February 8, 2021
    Unfortunately, the majority of the reviews I have read out of Sundance "John and the Hole" is one big empty hole in the ground as the reviews are bad. The reviews mostly seem to say the film is nothing but Charlie Showell gives a good performance as a wacko kid.

    Never the lass when the opportunity comes I will still watch it and form my own opinion, I will link to a review below.

    Sundance Review: 'John and the Hole' Is a Whole Lot of Nothing
  • RexRex
    Posted February 10, 2021
    I hope this streams on HBO Mxx or something because I want to see it without having to go inside a theatre. Psycho evil kids movies freak me out but I still love to watch them. :P
  • Posted February 14, 2021
    Charlie Shotwell is so cute I have to see John and the Hole even if you say it has bad reviews.
  • Posted February 19, 2021
    Oh, I don't worry about the reviews, I want to see it because I liked him in Eli, and plus he is a cutie. :)
  • Posted March 18, 2021
    I would like to see this because I liked Charlie Shotwell in "Eli" it was so freaky.
  • Posted April 4, 2021
    Charlie Shotwell rocks so that is why I want to see the movie, I hate when people say a movie sucks and did not see it.
  • Posted May 17, 2021
    Well, I don't care if John and the Hole suck I like Charlie. :)
  • Posted June 4, 2021
    I can't wait to see this because I like Charlie. :P